5 Evergreen Things to do for a Perfect Halloween

5 Evergreen Things to do for a Perfect Halloween

We are grown-ups now, we don’t do silly stuff like wearing absurd costumes or decorating our rooms with weirdly-looking pumpkins. No, absolutely not, said the girl who was humming “This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!” since Monday morning. Because let’s face it, the more we grow up, the less we are dorky teenagers that divide the world in “cool” and “uncool” stuff. Now that we do have grown up, we can unabashedly say that Halloween is cool. Period. Case closed.

If you disagree with that let me convince you with 5 perfect, classic and super easy things to do for a cool and cozy Halloween.

1. Visit a creepy place to get in the mood.

We don’t live near a ghosts-infested castle somewhere in the English beautiful countryside. Neither we live in some eerie place in Indiana like the one where all-time fave Stranger Things is set.

stranger things

Going home alone at night on a street that doesn’t have any light near a scary forest? Nooooope.

But everyone of us do have in our own towns a slightly creepy place where something must have happen and where nobody goes. If you happen to be in Naples, you are doubly lucky because the city is plentiful of spooky places. Reddit and believe it. Anyway, going around and discover new places is a good way to chill but, sometimes, it can also give you the chills (please at least laugh at my attempts to be witty).

2. Go and buy candies. Lots of them.

Grab candies, chocolate bars, gummy bears, whatever you like. Then invite your friends, order tons of pizza and be prepared to sin wickedly. ‘Cause it’s Halloween, babe. Dead are coming back from the Other World. So you’re entitled to eat like there’s no tomorrow because everything, everything is valid. But not DIET. Ugh.

homer diet

Scariest joke EVER. Don’t ever do that to me.

3. Be creatively stupid and make a costume.

Creativity has nothing to do with money. You don’t need to buy a costume, nor  ask Uncle Google for advice. Just free your imagination , let your demons loose and exlpore your dark side. Use unwearable old clothes, cut them as you like, wear the creepiest make up you can come up with and befriend the hairspray. You’ll get unthinkable results.


Or just get naked and be wonderful.

4. Horror.Movies.Marathon.

You’re in the mood for Halloween. You’re stuffed like a pumpkin for all the candies you’ve gulped down. You got your costume. Pizza is finally here. It’s time. Don’t be the usual lazy-ass and prepare the movies in advance (Wikipedia is here to help). Classics are the best but spare some time for some fun (ex: Scary Movie, Frankenstein Junior) and for some nostalgia (The Nightmare Before Christmas, Donnie Darko etc), too.

the nightmare before christmas

It’s definitely not just for Christmas time.

5. Have a séance or pull a prank on your coward friend.

Ouija is not only the title of a movie but it’s a talking board. It’s supposed to make contact with the spirits of the dead but come oooooon, riiiiiiiiight?! Who believes that, anyway!? Well, I don’t know but I know that I would be totally scared to play that game. I’d rather be a mean person and pull a prank on a friend. It’s good for a laugh and for a memory that will haunt the poor victim forever. Otherwise, there’s always UNO. The most horrible and frightening game EVER. Rumours have it that this game has been the cause for the birth of fearful grudge-bearing monsters and countless broken friendships.


It looks innocent but it’s the EVIL

PS: if you’re a normal person that likes going out, partying, meeting new people, having a social life and loads of fun (instead of staying in covered in your blankie with your Netflix on ? Joke’s on you!!!), show your creepy face at OUR PARTY!